Pure Pop EDM! – Can’t Get You Out Of My Head

Demo Version #1 (A demo release only). Performance c2018.
So I though I’d try something a little more modern and different (for me at least). This is not in my comfort zone but I enjoyed making the track using mainly EDM sounds and an acoustic guitar and a way to try out my new NI A49 keyboard. So I pretty much wanted to recreate the track as is to learn more about EDM style production (as I am used to guitar based rock / blues).

This is my first mix on SoundCloud but I can already hear where I need to re-work it and try a few new things. The vocal stem is courtesy of Karaoke Version, which is not far off Kylie’s version I think. Enjoy and let me know what you think.

The iconic and pure pop icon that is Kylie Minogue had a global hit with this EDM Style dance track. As much as I detested it on release I have come to realise it is pure pop genius. Infectious, simple, well produced and the title fits perfectly. Of course having Kylie do the track with that provocative video… well it just could not fail. Since I have heard many versions, including ballad style interpretations, all good because love or hate the original, it’s a pure pop song that has a hook that everyone gets!

Tech: Native Instruments A49 + Audio 6 interface, Ableton Live 9.7 DAW, Tele Guitar, Guitar Rig 5 FX, AKAI APC key25, Kontach Instrument Library / Synths (Massive / FM8 / String Assemble). NOTE # Demo only not for resale or distribution.

The Name’s Bond, James Bond… the start of a musical re-awakening!

OK about 3 or 4 years ago whilst trying to get back into music and guitar playing (after a far too long musical wilderness), my son and I were talking about the new digital / midi based technology being so accessible now to the masses. The prices of gear had become relatively cheap, more advanced and compatible across the different devices. Anyone could make & publish reasonably sounding music from a spare room or modest set-up at home.

As a consequence he came to visit me for a holiday and brought some of his DJ gear to show how it all rigged up. WOW! Whilst I knew a lot about the tech’ I was blown away about how well it all integrated now and amazingly the array and superb quality of virtual instruments now available. That visit re-awakened my musical ideas, creativity and desire to get back to music as a hobby.

James Bond – My Licence To Chill

James Bond ThemeI still had a few guitars and a Fender amp collecting dust. My son had bought me “Guitar Rig 4”, a software package that creates awesome guitar sounds, as a present which helped kick-start my motivation but I still had no real method of recording my ideas. So I made some modest investments in musical hardware and software, like a modern midi Novation Keyboard, recording interface from Native Instruments and a “lite” version of Ableton Live #8. I was hooked! To make my learning curve more worthwhile I decided it would be better to create a well known song from scratch. I chose a favourite theme tune The James Bond Theme as a first project. You can listen to my version of The James Bond Theme on my Hutch @ SoundCloud channel.

Get Learning and Candyfloss Capers

E.P. Three Tracks on Candyfloss CapersAfter a lot of research and practise I realised I needed some tuition in digital audio workstations (DAWs). I found a short (and free) Ableton Live Recording Course on Coursera / Berklee Music School. Over 12/16 weeks I had to learn recording, play and create 3 original tracks for assessment. I am glad to say I enjoyed it and more so, astounded I did create 3 tracks and PASSED with a certificate !! The 3 tracks had a theme which I called “Candyfloss Capers” and released on Blend.io but are available on my SoundCloud Channel.

As a first foray into digital home recording I am quite proud and pleased with these first efforts. Yep a years on I am sure i can do a lot better now. But the main thing is it opened up a whole new musical world ( and steep learning curve ) for me which is thoroughly a joy to do… I wish had more time to do this great hobby and if only this stuff was available to me when I started music many years ago!?

But I vow to continue and my later years will hopefully improve and music making, confidence and some collaborations.

D.C. in The Hutch

Rock n Roll Classics Remake

New version of these Rock ‘n’ Roll classics … made in The Hutch. Check these seven in rock history heaven.

  1. Shake, Rattle and Roll (Bill Haley & the Comets)
  2. Bad Moon Rising (Credence Clearwater Revival)
  3. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
  4. Shakin’ All Over (Johnny Kidd & the Pirates)
  5. Walk Don’t Run (The Ventures)
  6. Lucille (Little Richard)
  7. These Boots are Made for Walkin’ (Nancy Sinatra)

New York’s a Go-Go – David Bowie

This is “New York’s a Go-Go” based on the 70’s hit jean Genie by David Bowie. This performance c2016.

The shock death of #davidbowie prompted many to revisit his awesome back catalogue. At the time the media and web were overwhelmed with tributes, eulogies and music replays.

Being a 70’s “child” I well remember this hit well #jean genie as part of the Glam Rock era. Despite a simple E major riff, it had a catchy rant and chorus hook with typical bizarre lyrics from Bowie. So here I present my version of Jean Genie I renamed “New York’s a Go-Go”.


This recording is  a mixture of pop rock & synth styles. This 2nd remix uses a vocal stem courtesy of the brilliant JamKazam.com. I sampled the mouth-organ riff. All beats, bass and musical parts are created by me in Ableton Live 9, guitars, a Reloop midi controller with Native Instrument synths and FX.

Please enjoy and by all means leave your feedback and suggestions… Thank you for listening! (This recording is a non-commercial release. Not for resale.)